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Vector now includes Alexa!

Alexa allows you to use your voice to hear the news, check weather, control your smart home, and more. All you have to do is ask Alexa.

Vector stays Vector

Enabling Alexa is completely optional, and Alexa isn’t enabled by default. At his core, Vector stays Vector.

Even when you enable Alexa, Vector maintains all of his abilities and his personality. Any time you say “Hey Vector” before giving Vector a voice command, Vector is always the one to carry it out.

You’ll still say “Hey Vector” to have Vector do things like “Take a Picture”, “Do a trick”, or “Come here”. Alexa won’t move Vector around, make him do a trick, or let him take a picture of you.

Vector won’t do everything Alexa can do

Vector does not support the following:

  • Communicating with other people with features like Drop In, Calling, and Messaging
  • Playing songs and podcasts from streaming services like Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM
  • Reading books out loud through Kindle or Audible

Enabling Alexa

To enable Alexa on Vector, you will need an Amazon account and use the Vector Robot app:

  • Launch the Vector Robot app and connect to your Vector
  • From the Home screen, click Amazon Alexa under THINGS TO TRY
  • Click the “SIGN IN WITH AMAZON” button
  • At the Amazon Sign in, either
  1. Click the “Create a new Amazon account” button if you do not already have one or
  2. Enter your Amazon account credentials and click the “Sign in” button
  • Once you are logged in with your account, register Your Device (Vector) by typing in the 6-digit code displayed on Vector’s face and clicking the “Continue” button
  • alexa-code.png

    Your Vector is now registered with Amazon Alexa.



    When you have enabled an Alexa Skill and it sends a notification, Vector’s Back Light will flash yellow until you clear all of your notifications. The yellow Alexa notifications override other lights. For more information on what Vector’s Back Lights mean, please see this article.

    If you do not see the "Amazon Alexa" button under "Things to Try", please make sure the Vector app and Robot Operating System are on the latest version.

    Using Alexa

    Once activated, use Alexa the same way you do today on any other Alexa enabled device: say “Alexa”, followed by a voice command. You can tell Alexa to control your lights, set a timer, check the weather, or most other things you normally use Alexa for.

    How to Mute Vector (and Alexa)


    You can now mute or unmute Vector’s microphone array, so that he can’t hear any voice commands.


    You can mute Vector’s mic by double-clicking his Back button - he must be off his Charger. Vector will quickly display a “Mic Mute” icon on his face.

    While Vector’s mic is muted, his Back lights are red. Vector will stay muted until you unmute him.

    To unmute Vector’s mic, just double tap his Back button again while he’s off his Charger. You can tell he’s unmuted, you will see a “Mic Unmute” icon on his face.

    For more information on what Vector’s Back Lights mean, please see this article.

    Configuring Vector’s Back Button


    You can configure “Vector’s Button” via the Vector Robot app Settings. Selecting “Alexa” or “Hey Vector” determines what happens when you want to get Vector’s attention by clicking his Back button one time. 

    Other Options


    To configure Alexa (things like Location, Time Zone, Measurement Units, etc.), use Amazon’s Manage Your Content and Devices site or the Amazon Alexa app.

    Disabling Alexa

    There are several ways to disable Vector’s Alexa integration.


    You can sign out of your Amazon account using the Vector Robot companion app. Signing out will turn off Alexa until you sign in with Amazon again.


    To use the Vector Robot app:

    • Launch the Vector Robot app and connect to your Vector
    • From the Home screen, click Amazon Alexa under THINGS TO TRY
    • Click the “SIGN OUT OF AMAZON” button 

    To disable Alexa with Vector himself:

    More information about Amazon Alexa

    Anki is here to help with issues with Vector: for example, if he does not understand you or if you can't connect him to Wi-Fi. If you're having trouble with how Alexa works on Vector, Amazon will be able to help. Contact Amazon Support here. 

    Helpful Amazon Alexa Resources


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