How to reset, erase and restore Vector

For more information about Vector's security and privacy, please refer to this FAQ.

How to turn Vector off

Turn off Vector to stop him streaming data to the Cloud. Turning Vector off and on again also helps with minor intermittent issues you may experience such as seeing a status code.

  1. Turn Vector off by pressing his Back Button (the LED strip) down hard until it clicks
  2. Hold it for 5 seconds until Vector turns off

This is the same as Powercycling Vector.

How to use Recovery Mode

Use Recovery Mode to force Vector to boot up on factory firmware. Doing this will not delete any user data or software that had previously been installed via Over-The-Air (OTA) update.

This may help with certain issues such as Vector failing to boot up, meaning he is unable to charge (this is indicated by teal Back Lights), or potential software issues, sometimes indicated by a blank screen. If you get a status code between 200-219, recovery mode will also help.

  1. Vector must on his charger and plugged into a power source (be sure to push him right to the back of the charger - you will see the LEDs flashing)
  2. Press and hold Vector’s Back Button for around 15 seconds in total until the rectangle furthest away from the circle LED lights up blueish white
  3. He will reboot and show "" on his screen
  4. Open the Vector app and reconnect to Vector
  5. Select the correct 4-character Vector identifier to pair the robot

How to Erase User Data

Use this option if you would like to permanently delete Personally Identifiable Information (PIIs) such as images and faces Vector has met from your robot. Any previously installed Vector software will also be deleted but the current software will remain on the robot. To also delete the current software, use Recovery Mode, above. Note erased data cannot be restored.

  1. Place Vector on his charger and plug the charger in
  2. [If Vector is booting up, wait for the “V” to finish]
  3. Double click Vector’s Back Button
  4. Raise and lower Vector’s lift
  5. Turn his treads to move through selections (backwards to go up, forwards to go down)
  6. Raise and lower the lift to select the “Clear User Data” menu
  7. Confirm the selection and wait for Vector to reboot
  8. Once Vector completes rebooting, data will have been wiped from the robot

How to restore Vector

Since Vector is Cloud-connected, any changes in the Vector app settings are sent from the App to the robot. Everything from the robot is sent to the Cloud (except photos, and volume and eye colour which you can change in the app settings). As such, you only need to log into your account to restore Vector. You need to do this after having Vector exchanged.

Note. You cannot restore anything, including people Vector has met, that has been permanently deleted by using Clear User Data.

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