Vector’s Cube

Learn below everything you need to know about Vector’s cube.

What battery does the cube use?

  • Alkaline N / E90 / LR1 1.5 Volt batteries
  • Do not use A23 batteries - these will damage the Cube
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries - these will damage the Cube

How long does the battery last?

  • Batteries come pre-installed in Vector’s Cube
  • Once the pull-tab is removed, the battery will start to lose charge
  • The battery will last 20-40 hours of gameplay depending on how much Vector interacts with the Cube
  • To test if the battery is working, reset the cube:
    • unscrew the lid from the cube
    • wait for 10 seconds
    • screw the lid back on
    • the cube should flash red>green>blue if the battery is fine

How do I change the battery?

  1. Remove the cube’s screw using a cross head screwdriver and open the cube’s cover
  2. Remove and safely dispose of the old battery
  3. Insert a new battery, positive end up
  4. Replace the cover and screw the cover back down (not too tightly which can damage the cube)


How does Vector interact with the cube?

  • Vector's cube is like a pet's favorite toy, his possession, and from a technical standpoint, it's a landmark for him as he navigates and explores the area
  • Vector interacts with his cube on two levels:
    • Visually: He recognizes the cube by its marking (even without a battery)
    • Wirelessly (the cube will show in your device's Bluetooth settings, while Vector will not): He connects wirelessly to the cube if it is nearby. If a cube is too far away or the battery is low or dead, Vector may not be able to sync with it
  • Vector will tap the cube if he’s so inclined
  • You can ask Vector to do a trick such as Roll the cube, Pounce or Pop a Wheelie
  • You can ask Vector, “Hey Vector [wait] where is your cube?”

Why does Vector ignore his cube?

  • Vector will not connect to his cube if he is sleeping. Wake him up by getting his attention with “Hey Vector!”
  • If Vector’s cube is in the Vector Space, he will ignore it
  • If the cube has a low battery or the battery is dead, he will not be able to connect to it
    • You may try to force-sync the cube by opening the Vector app > Settings > going to Cube Status > tap “Refresh Cube” > once connected, tap “Ping Cube” to light the Cube up
    • Alternatively, change the battery
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