Where can I purchase Cozmo cubes and other spare parts?

Learn below where to get cubes, treads and batteries.

Consumable parts will be available for purchase either on DDL.com (when stock exists) or via a retailer.

Cozmo's battery and lift

Cozmo parts including batteries and lift are not user serviceable and therefore not available. Please contact DDL Customer Care for troubleshooting or to review repair options.

Cozmo's Cube batteries

Cozmo's Cube batteries are user serviceable. Cube batteries are not covered by DDL's limited warranty. If a battery dies, please purchase spares at a retail store. See this FAQ for further information on battery type and how to replace them.

Cozmo's Cubes, Treads and Lift Hook

If you require a new CubeSpare Black Treads or a Lift Hook (the very front part of the lift), please contact DDL Customer Care. We are currently working on generating replacement parts, but for now we can recommend trusted sources of these parts until we have them in stock.

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