Why can't Cozmo see?

There are some situations when the Cozmo app might alert you that "Cozmo is having trouble seeing". 

This is typically due to lighting conditions that are just not ideal for Cozmo.  Should you see this message during gameplay, try to adjust the lighting in the room and if possible avoid shadows in Cozmo’s play area.

Please be aware that the Cozmo app may continue to alert you about light conditions even after you've made adjustments.  Don't be too concerned about these messages if Cozmo is going about his business and playing games.  Think of these messages as more of a suggestion from Cozmo rather than a problem.



Oh, if you’ve noticed that the picture quality in Explorer Mode seems dark, that's ok, it's by design.  Cozmo just sees the world a bit more dramatically than we do. That said, if Cozmo is unable to learn or recognize Faces, or identify Cubes in Explorer Mode and these difficulties are accompanied by "Cozmo is having trouble seeing" message, please contact us via email at support@digitaldreamlabs.com so that we may help you to troubleshoot the situation. 

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