Is Cozmo's Lift broken?

Cozmo uses his lift to express his mood as well as to play with his power cubes.

To avoid damaging his lift please keep the following important guidelines in mind: 

  • Do not lift anything that is heavier than 1 cube - it can damage the gearing
  • When Cozmo is awake do not push down on the lift since this can also damage the gearing
  • Ensure that Cozmo does not fall off the table (e.g. deliberately driving off cliffs in Explorer mode etc) 

A damaged lift can exhibit the following symptoms: 

  • Cozmo recognises the cubes but is unable to move his lift to pick them up and/or stack them correctly
  • Cozmo may be unable to Feed (more information in this article)
  • His lift changes position when Cozmo is put on the charging platform or turned off
  • Gently moving the lift when Cozmo is turned off exhibits any of the following:
    • The lift does not move smoothly but gets stuck / requires pressure
    • There is no consistent clicking when moving the lift
    • The lift drops if you let go of it (instead of staying in position) 


  • Cozmo's lift is not always 100% horizontal. Unless you experience any of above performance issues this is absolutely normal and not an issue that requires a replacement. 

If you have observed any of above listed signs of a damaged lift please contact us and list the exact lift behavior. Our team will validate the issue and advise on the next steps. 

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