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In Cozmo's Code Lab, you can program Cozmo to perform any action you want, using all of his sensors, motors, and speech abilities! 


Specific questions about Cozmo's Code Lab?

For any questions about how to use Code Lab, build your own Projects, or report issues, please take a look at the Code Lab Community forum located within the Cozmo SDK Forums.

Please note that this site requires you to Sign Up and create a site-specific account. Your existing Anki Account will not work and you’ll need to be 13 years of age or older to access the community. If you are not at least 13 years old, please get help from your parents to sign up.

Code Lab is based on Scratch Blocks

Cozmo’s Code Lab is based on Scratch Blocks, a collaboration between Google and the MIT Scratch Team.


  • iOS 9 or above
  • Android 5 (Lollipop) or above
  • Fire OS 5 or above

Some Additional Notes 


Sandbox Mode

After updating to Cozmo 2.1.0, Code Lab projects that you previously created are now Sandbox projects.

You can continue to use your Sandbox projects, create new ones from scratch, or rename Sample Projects as Remixes to jump start your projects.

As of Cozmo 2.2.0, you can now make copies of Sandbox Projects just like Constructor Projects. Please take a look at our Code Lab FAQ if you have questions about how this process works.

For more information about Sandbox Mode, please click here.

Constructor Mode

Constructor Mode is an all new way to take your coding skills to the next level. For more details on what Constructor Mode has to offer and how it compares to Sandbox Mode, please visit the new Constructor Mode page.

Just like Sandbox Mode, Constructor Mode comes with some amazing Sample Projects from which you can create Remixes to jump start your projects. Constructor Mode adds the ability to save your projects to Google Drive and submit them to Anki for a chance to be featured on Anki's site.

To start using Google Drive with your Constructor projects, download the Google Drive app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. For more details about using Google Drive with Constructor Mode, please take a look at our Code Lab FAQ.

For Kindles (which do not support Google Drive), you can use email to backup your Constructor projects. Please take a look at our Code Lab FAQ.

Google Drive and email are each great ways to make copies of your Constructor projects just in case you have to reinstall the Cozmo app or if you want to move them to another device. Making copies just in case or to save your progress with a particular Constructor project is always a good idea.

If you’d like Anki to consider featuring your Constructor projects, please visit go.anki.com/submission. You’ll need to create or login with your existing Anki Account (you might have created one when you purchased Cozmo from Anki). For details about an Anki Account, please visit herePlease note that Canadian and Japanese customers cannot currently create an Anki Account.

For a more advanced programming experience with Cozmo, please take a look at the Cozmo SDK.

Help with Google Drive

For Android Google Drive support, please visit the Google Play Store [play.google.com].

For iOS Google Drive support, please visit the Apple App Store [ itunes.apple.com].

Please note that by design, Amazon Kindle devices do not have access to the Google Drive app like other Android devices.

Help with Email Apps

Amazon Kindle Email app, please visit the Amazon.com Help [amazon.com]

Android Gmail app, please visit the Google Player Store [play.google.com]

iOS Apple Mail, please visit Apple's product support site [support.apple.com]

iOS Gmail app, please visit the Apple App Store [itunes.apple.com]

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