How to charge Cozmo

This article explains how to charge Cozmo. For information on Cozmo's Playtime and Batteries, please refer to this article.

USB Power Source Minimum Requirements:

To charge Cozmo, DDL recommends a USB Power Adapter or a powered USB outlet with a minimum DC Output = 5V/2A if Cozmo does not have a backpack button or 5V/1A if Cozmo does have a backpack button. 

Charge times:

When using a powered USB source that meets these recommendations, typical charge time is approximately 30 minutes until fully charged. Charge duration will vary based upon the USB power source that you use. USB power sources that don't meet the minimum requirements may not be able to completely charge Cozmo or charge Cozmo at all.

Charging Cozmo:

  • Make sure Cozmo is sitting right back in his charging platform
  • Make sure the USB is plugged fully into the power source
  • Charge Cozmo for 30 minutes
    • When charging, Cozmo's backpack lights should flash green in a 1,2,3 sequence
    • When fully charged, Cozmo's backpack light should be solid green
  • If you are seeing a RED light on Cozmo's backpack, check if Cozmo needs to be tuned up
  • Once Cozmo is fully charged (solid Green LED), remove him from his charging platform. Do not leave him in the platform overnight.
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