Where to play with Cozmo

This article provides some basic information about Cozmo's play space and where you can play with him. 

The right surface

While Cozmo may work on carpets, he definitely prefers smooth and flat surfaces without dirt and small particles. You should avoid using him on mirrors, glass desks, and high-pile carpets to ensure Cozmo has the most fun! So, sorry, but Cozmo does not do well in sandboxes.

If you notice that Cozmo is having difficulties moving around, please inspect his treads and carefully remove with tweezers any lint you might find behind his wheels.

Cozmo in Explorer Mode



This is where you can control and drive Cozmo around, seeing through his eyes via the Cozmo app.


The rule of thumb is that you can guide Cozmo around 10-12 feet (3-4 meters) from your device. If there's any type of interference between your device and Cozmo, please don't be surprised that Cozmo may not be able get very far.


Cozmo in Freeplay


This is when you let Cozmo naturally hang out and interact with you and his environment.

Cozmo will typically stay in within an area that is a radius of approximately of 2 square feet (2' x 2'), aka 1858 square centimeters. Don't forget though, objects, table edges, and moving his Cubes will alter his movements.


Please do remember that while Cozmo does his best to avoid falling off of his play surface, he's like a pet and you should keep an eye on him.  

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