Cozmo's Sparks

This article explains all you need to know about Sparks.

Why do I need Sparks?

Similar to a pet you can tempt Cozmo into playing a game or doing a trick by giving him some Spark ‘treats’. Sparks are earned in-game and cannot be purchased with real currency.

When do I need Sparks?

Cozmo loves to play. Any game that he suggests himself does not require any Sparks. However, if you want to play a game from the Play menu with him, you need to offer some Sparks as a little treat. The number of Sparks varies depending on whether you pick a specific game (= more Sparks) or allow for random game selection (= less Sparks). “Cozmo sings” and “Cube guard are always free!

What if I spent all my Sparks?

You can always play with Cozmo, even when you have no Sparks left: simply leave Cozmo by himself in Freeplay and he will ask you to play with him (via his app).


You can also interact with Cozmo in Discover Modes such as Explorer Mode and Code Lab (where he can use his abilities), Cozmo Says and Meet Cozmo.

How do I get more Sparks?

If Cozmo’s Play Needs are fulfilled, you can earn 1 Bonus Box per day containing 100 Sparks and other rewards! 

Or you can simply leave the app open on the main menu and let Cozmo help you restore your Sparks. Since he loves to play he will soon suggest a few free games upon completion of which you may get rewarded with more Sparks.  

A word of caution: if you are sharing Cozmo, whoever connects to him on any given device can spend his Sparks…

Important: Cozmo needs to be tuned up before he can play by himself or be sparked.

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