OVERDRIVE is the next generation of Battle-Racing. Since we do not turn our back on our loyal DRIVE customers we have made sure that DRIVE and OVERDRIVE can be enjoyed together! 

1) Can I use my DRIVE cars with the new OVERDRIVE modular tracks and app?

Yes, if you use the OVERDRIVE app to control the cars.



  • DRIVE cars can only join Open Play mode (the Tournament is for OVERDRIVE cars)
  • Before seeing your DRIVE cars in the OVERDRIVE app garage you need to play a match


2) Can I use my OVERDRIVE cars on the DRIVE track mats?

You can race your OVERDRIVE cars on the DRIVE race mats, but you must use the OVERDRIVE app to set up and control the game. It is not possible with the DRIVE app.

3) Can I use the OVERDRIVE track when hosting a game with my DRIVE app?

While it may initially appear to be working, OVERDRIVE tracks cannot be used with the DRIVE app. The cars will be uncontrollable and will continue to drive on the track endlessly with their lights flashing. In addition, the app will tell the user to “place cars on track” when they are already on the track. Please download the OVERDRIVE app to race your DRIVE cars on the OVERDRIVE tracks.

4) Can I combine my DRIVE track mat with my OVERDRIVE modular track?

Unfortunately it is not possible to create a circuit that uses both track systems. You have to choose one for your games.

Please note that Customer Care will be unable to support any queries about DRIVE. For further information, please see this FAQ.

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