Charging vehicles and battery life

OVERDRIVE vehicles should have approximately 12 minutes of playtime after a full 10-minute charge using the supplied charging platform and adapter.

Battery duration depends on gameplay. Similar to real battery-powered vehicles, driving at higher speeds or accelerating will result in shorter play sessions.

As with all electronics, the battery is perishable and the capacity will shorten the more charges and discharges the vehicle has.

If you notice significant differences between your vehicles, please follow these steps: 

  • Always charge the vehicles using the supplied charging platform and adapter
  • Make sure the USB cable is fully plugged in to the adapter and plug the adapter directly into a wall socket. This will ensure the vehicles receive enough amperage
  • Turn the vehicle off using the grey button on the underneath
  • Place the vehicle on the charging platform to turn it on
  • If the vehicle is NOT receiving a charge (= flashing green LED) after having sat on the platform for at least 5 minutes, clean the contacts on the bottom of the vehicle and on the charging platform
  • Charge the vehicle until the flashing light goes solid green – this should take approximately 10 minutes from a discharged state. Note it may take up to 5 minutes before the vehicle’s top light starts to flash green
  • If only one of the vehicles is experiencing short battery life issues, try charging that vehicle on a different slot on the charging platform. If this improves battery life the problem is probably caused by a defective charging spot on the platform 

If none of the above steps helped, please contact us with the following information:

1) How long do the vehicles run on a fully-charged battery (= Green solid LED): 

  • Put car(s) in "drone mode" by turning it off before pressing the grey button underneath 5 times in rapid succession
  • Your vehicle's LED's should now flash in different colors and the vehicle should drive as soon as you put it on the track
  • Please stop the time it drives before running out of battery 

2) The LED color when:

  • car is being put on the charging platform
  • car is taken out of the charging platform 
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