[VIDEO] Looking after your track and vehicles


Our recommended method for cleaning each part is listed below:

Rear Tires on the cars

Clean the rear tires using the included Tire cleaner. Open the tire cleaner and run the rear tires on the sticky surface.

Cleaning the tire cleaner

After repeated use, the tire cleaner will become less effective. To clean the tire cleaner, open the tire cleaner and run the cleaning surface under cool running water. To remove the dust build up, rub your finger over the sticky surface. If necessary you can use a little bit of unscented soap to lather the cleaning surface. Be sure to rinse the cleaning surface thoroughly. Once finished, let the tire cleaner air dry.

Track pieces

Only the black racing surface of the track piece need to be cleaned. Clean the track using a dry dusting sheet such as dry Swiffer sheets or a clean dry microfiber cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive material such as paper towels or other paper cleaning product. Doing so may damage the track surface. 

Please view our helpful maintenance video for more information:


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