How to build the best tracks

This article includes some must know details about building tracks and answers some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


When beginning your journey, we recommend that you start playing with only the tracks pieces included in the OVERDRIVE or Fast & Furious Edition box.


Consider waiting before you add any Bundles or additional Track Kits you've purchased to your track. We strongly suggest not using things like a Collision or Launch Kits before you have spent some times with the Starter Kit configuration. Since the Commanders in Chapters 1, 4, and 7 will guide you through game basics (Throttle, Steering, Weapons, Health, and Support Items), you'll have the best experience if you finish these 3 Chapters first and then create more complicated tracks.

Also note that while the track pieces are branded with "OVERDRIVE" or "Fast & Furious", individual track sets can be used together as long as you don't break some of the rules explained below.

General Overview

Every track must be a single, completed loop.


  • A loop means that a vehicle can visit every piece on the track without needing to turn around at an intersection.

Every track can only have 1 Start/Finish track piece. 


  • Zero Start/Finish track pieces, 2, or even 3 will just not work.
  • Start/Finish track pieces are only available in an OVERDRIVE or Fast & Furious Edition starter kits. They are not available for individual purchase.

Choosing a car direction with the Start/Finish track piece


  • The direction you point the Start/Finish track piece determines which way the the Supercars and Supertrucks go.
  • Want to reverse the direction that the cars travel?
    • Flip the Start/Finish track piece 180°.
    • Rescan your track before starting your next race.

Launch Kit


A Launch Kit adds an extra level of chaos and excitement to any OVERDRIVE track. Here's some hints to give the cars a better chance of successfully jumping. 

Setting up the Launch Kit properly

  • Each Launch Kit comes in a set that includes:
    • 1 Jump track piece
    • 1 Landing track piece
    • 3 Risers


  • A Launch Kit only works in one direction
    • Your Launch Kit track pieces must point in the same direction of travel as the Start/Finish track piece.
  • Attach a straight piece before the jump. 
    • Supercars need speed to clear the gap. Put a straight piece before your jump to give you more time to accelerate.
    • Adding more straight pieces before a Jump allows Supercars to fully accelerate and may allow for better results.
  • A Launch Kit track segment cannot be directly connected to the track's Start/Finish piece. Keep your Start/Finish piece as far away from the Jump piece as possible. See the Blue arrow below.
  • Don't place the Fast & Furious Power Zone track piece in front of a Jump piece. A disabled car might not have enough time to recover to make the Jump. See the Blue arrow below.
  • Supertrucks don't jump - keep them in reserve for other race track configurations. 

For best results

On each Launch Kit track piece, follow the White icons to attach the Riser pieces (circled in green below).


  • Placing the Risers on these White icons should create the perfect jump.
  • If the Risers are set properly, but your Supercars are landing and bouncing off the track, try adjusting the placement of the Risers.
  • Often you can find a sweet spot that provides the right amount of cushioning where the Supercars land.

Aim for the middle of the track


  • When you approach the jump, steer your Supercar to the middle of the track before taking the jump. This will increase your chance of a successful landing, and put you in a better position to engage or speed past your opponent.

Choose the right car for the job


  • Every Supercar is different, and some jump more easily than others. Skull and Thermo are skilled jumpers, while other Supercars like Big Bang are more of a challenge.

Collision Kit


Collision Kit pieces may not be used as a straight piece.

  • All 4 sides must be connected to another track piece.

When using more than one Collision Kit, each Collision Kit track segment may not be directly connected to another.

  • There must be at least one other track piece in between each Collision Kit track segment.

Rails Kit


If you like driving at the edge of performance, the Rails Kit allows you to add walls in key locations that can help to keep your cars on the track.

Something to think about if you don't want to disable Pro Speed, your Track and Tiers are clean, but still have difficulties keeping your cars on the track.

Please note that OVERDRIVE: Fast & Furious Edition includes 12 Outside rails and that the Rails Kit includes 10 Rails (4 Outside, 2 Inside, and 4 Straight Guard Rails).

Elevation Kit


Allows you to build hills, bridges, overpasses - all to get a new perspective on the battlefield.

Comes with 4 Riser Pieces.

Corner Kit


Allows you to update your Starter Kit from 8 possible track configurations to more than 20.

Includes 2 90° Curved Track Pieces

Bank Turn Kit


Helps you add angled turns to your tracks, making turns even more challenging.

Comes with 4 Bank Turn Pieces.

Speed Kit


Allows you to update your Starter Kit from 8 possible track configurations to more than 18.

Helps with setting up the best jumps for a Launch Kit or connecting multiple Collision Kits. 

Includes 2 Straight Track Pieces.

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