What is "Rage" mode?

OVERDRIVE Supertrucks have a unique Rage mode that can be triggered when the Rage Meter is fully charged. 

Rage Mode

Keeping your Supertrucks moving at top speed - or any other act of aggression - will charge up the truck's Rage Meter. When the meter is full, Rage mode will be available via the large center button on the game pad.

Press the button and the Supertruck will accelerate beyond normal top speed and constantly fire its special weapon until the Rage Meter is depleted (= 15-20 seconds). The truck will also be invincible!


The truck will use a more powerful Pulse Ram to push cars off the track or send them spinning

    • It is normal that the other cars will lose control, do a wheelie and also come off the track

Freewheel RAGE

The truck will use a more powerful Gravity Trap to capture multiple cars behind itself 

      • The other cars will lose control, exhibit a flashing white LED and ultimately get disabled
      • It is normal that affected cars end up spinning and occasionally come off the track




Supercars that are affected by RAGE mode will show unusual behavior including doing wheelies, spinning, showing a flashing LED and coming off the track - this is absolutely normal. 

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