How to play Open Play modes

Race ||  Battle || Battle Race || Takeover ||  Time Trial ||  King of the Hill || One Shot 

How to play Race

  • This game mode is pure Racing, spotlighting your driving skills
  • No Weapons allowed
  • No Support Items allowed

How to play Battle

  • Disable your opponents using weapons to earn points
  • Use your Support Items to support your attack
  • First to earn set amount of points wins the game

How to play Battle Race

  • First across the finish line wins the game
  • Use your Weapons and Support Items to slow down your opponents
  • No restrictions

How to play Takeover

  • You'll need at least 2 Supercars
  • You can only have 1 Supertruck (no more, no less)
  • When the game starts, the Supertruck is initially controlled by "AutoPilot"
  • Each player attacks the lone Supertruck, trying to disable it
  • When a player successfully "takes over" the Supertruck, they have access to all of its exciting weapons
  • Each Supercar that is disabled by the Supertruck counts as 1 point for the player in control
  • Supercars disabled by Supercars do not earn points
  • The first player who successfully uses the Supertruck to disable indicated number of Supercars wins the game
  • That winning Supercar driver earns Experience Points for their Supercar

How to play Time Trial

  • Time Trial is unique in that there will only be 1 car on the track during the Time Trial
  • During the track scanning, all participating cars will scan the track together
  • After the scanning is completed, only 1 car will line up at the start finish line
  • All remaining participants will be parked off to the side of the track
  • After each racer finishes their Time Trial, you’ll be asked to place the next car on the track
  • To win in Time Trial, you must set the lowest overall time
  • Hint: Time Trial does not use any weapons and a special Boost item is available during the game
  • Be careful using Boost, if you use it too close to a corner, your vehicle can spin out and slow you down

How to play King of the Hill

  • The objective of King of the Hill is to be the "King" for a set amount of points
  • Each point = 1 second of time
  • When the match starts, no one is King
  • The first person to disable someone will become the King
  • Once you’ve become the King, your score will start increasing until you win or you’re disabled by one of your opponents
  • Once you are disabled, your score will stop increasing
  • Disable the King to start increasing your score again
  • The first one to reach the set point limit wins

How to play One Shot

  • Aim of the game is to disable your opponents with One Shot
  • All players have same weapon: "The Golden Sniper"
  • Shoot strategically, your weapon loses energy when deployed and takes time to reload
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