What do the lights mean?

The app skins the gamepad to match your chosen vehicle. Top lights communicate a lot of critical information.

Just before the start of an event, the vehicles  go on their parade lap, and while scanning the track, each vehicle's Top Light will respectively appear Blue, Red, Green, or Purple depending on the number of vehicles about to participate. The vehicles will then line-up for their standing start with these same Top Lights colors.

Top Lights flash Yellow matching the countdown 


Top Light reflects Vehicle Energy levels

Once the event is going, all of the vehicle's Top Lights are Green, reflecting their Vehicle Energy level.

As your vehicle receives damage, and you use Weapons and Special Items, energy will drain from your vehicle. The less vehicle energy you have, the more vulnerable you are to being disabled. 

Below are the energy levels associated with each Top Light's colors:

Healthy Green = 100% - 67%
Caution Yellow =  66% - 34%
Danger Red =  33% - Empty

When you know your energy level, you can adjust your strategy.

Top Light flashes when a vehicle is receiving damage

When an opponent is attacking and damaging a vehicle, that vehicle's Top Light will flash in the pattern of that opponent's particular weapon. You now can clearly see when you're being attacked and what kind of weapon is involved.

Top Light shows the impact of Gravity Traps

When an opponent is springing a Gravity Trap on a vehicle, the level of impact is reflected in the Top Light moving from Green, to Yellow, to Red, and then disabling that vehicle.  This helps you to know when you should be evading or taking action.

A steady Blue Top Light means the car is invulnerable

You'll notice this at the start of an every event and when a vehicle has recovered from being disabled. When that light is Blue, it does not make much sense to attack a vehicle because you can't do any damage.

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