Overview of Weapons' Range

There are 5 ranges of weapons.

Short Range weapons

  • Strengths: A wide blast radius
  • Weaknesses: Limited reach 
  • Recommendations: It's best to use them when your target is close, like going into a turn

Long Range weapons

  • Strengths: An extended reach
  • Weaknesses: A narrow blast radius
  • Recommendations: Make sure you're lined up on a straightaway for the best results

Medium Range weapons

  • Strengths: A strong balance between reach and blast radius
  • Weaknesses: Not as exciting as some other weapons
  • Recommendations: When in doubt, take the shot

Deployed weapons

  • Strengths: An explosive that is dropped from behind your Supercar that you don't have aim
  • Weaknesses: It doesn't move and your target has to be close behind you
  • Recommendations: Set it and forget it

Area of Effect weapons

  • Strengths: A powerful blasts that radiate around your supercar, so there's no need to aim
  • Weaknesses: You have to be close to your target
  • Recommendations: If you're neck and neck, fire away

Feel free to watch Under The Hood - Weapon Types

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