Unlocking the Power Zone track piece

This FAQ explains how to unlock the Power Zone track piece that is included in OVERDRIVE Fast & Furious Edition.

Please Note: The Power Zone track piece is not compatible with OverDrive 2.6 Relaunched, and may cause the app to close without warning. If this occurs, please remove the Power Zone track piece from the track, restart OverDrive 2.6, and retry track scanning.

Which game mode can I use the Power Zone in?

  • in any game mode including Open Play, Campaign, Multiplayer and Test Track
  • using the OVERDRIVE app
  • using the OVERDRIVE: Fast & Furious Edition app
  • app version must be 3.0.0 or higher

How do I unlock the Power Zone?

  • In order to use this track piece in a configuration, you must firstly unlock it by beating a specific Bronze Commander in a Battle
  • The app will prompt which Commander to beat depending on which app you are using
    • Fast & Furious: win a battle against Letty in campaign to unlock the Power Zone
    • OVERDRIVE: win battle against Cam in campaign to unlock the Power Zone
  • If you have already beaten this Commander, you will need to go back and repeat the Battle
  • To generate the corresponding in-app message on how to unlock the Power Zone, tap the below icon:

  pz2.png pz.png

What does the Power Zone do?

  • Drive over the Fast & Furious logo to hack opponents on the Power Zone track piece and drain their health

power_zone_scan_2.png Screenshot_2018-07-17-11-53-22.png

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