Unlocking the Power Zone track piece

This FAQ explains how to unlock the Power Zone track piece that is included in OVERDRIVE Fast & Furious Edition.

Which game mode can I use the Power Zone in?

  • in any game mode including Open Play, Campaign, Multiplayer and Test Track
  • using the OVERDRIVE app
  • using the OVERDRIVE: Fast & Furious Edition app
  • app version must be 3.0.0 or higher

How do I unlock the Power Zone?

  • In order to use this track piece in a configuration, you must firstly unlock it by beating a specific Bronze Commander in a Battle
  • The app will prompt which Commander to beat depending on which app you are using
    • Fast & Furious: win a battle against Letty in campaign to unlock the Power Zone
    • OVERDRIVE: win battle against Cam in campaign to unlock the Power Zone
  • If you have already beaten this Commander, you will need to go back and repeat the Battle
  • To generate the corresponding in-app message on how to unlock the Power Zone, tap the below icon:

 pz2.png pz.png

What does the Power Zone do?

  • Drive over the Fast & Furious logo to hack opponents on the Power Zone track piece and drain their health

power_zone_scan_2.png Screenshot_2018-07-17-11-53-22.png

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