Cork the Volcano

Cork the Volcano


When a trio of friends takes a vacation to Pear Island, things start to go wrong as a storm brews on their way. Join Rus the Dinosaur, Hippo the Hedgehog, and Syd the Sloth, to put a stop to whoever's causing the volcano of Pear Island to erupt!


Set up sequences of actions for your characters to reach the Puzzlet Piece, collect raindrops along the way for bonuses, and avoid dangers from the island along the way through this programming puzzle platformer.

Use Rus to cross small gaps, Hippo to fit through small gaps, and Syd to move much faster, as you jump, dive, and run through each course.

-Set up action sequences and carry them out to collect the Puzzlet piece and complete each level.
-Face bosses that mix up the strategies you usually use.
-Collect Raindrops to open new paths and levels.
-Find Hidden Exits to unlock bonus Raindrop levels.
-Explore 5 worlds, 1 bonus world, numerous challenges, and a couple additional secrets.

Teaching Programming

Cork the Volcano directly teaches:

-Action sequencing or coding
-Split-second action execution

as well as indirectly teaching:

-Creativity (there are multiple solutions to each level)
-Practicing and improving

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