Abacus Finch

Abacus Finch


Play as Abacus Finch or Abbie Finch to track down and find out what has happened to the dreaded Pterofractal egg taken by Pigeonacci.

In this classic platformer, use your math skills to overcome obstacles including blockades, scales, and ancient statues. Be careful of the prehistoric dangers you find along the way.


Collect stars and dinosaur eggs to unlock new areas, and complete each level without falling or taking damage for a bonus collectible.

-Travel across 4 worlds and face classic platforming challenges.
-Add gems to blockades, or pickaxe the gems in a blockade to gain entry through barriers in your way.
-Balance out scales to open new paths.
-Find the right number of gems that each blockade takes for bonus orbs.
-Collect enough orbs to unlock bosses and face them with the platforming skills you've learned.
-Find hidden dinosaur eggs along your way.

Teaching Math

Cork the Volcano directly teaches:


as well as indirectly teaching:

-Birds' Behaviors

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