Swatch Out

Swatch Out!


Discover all the colors in the Art Zone by surrounding creatures the same color as you! Make yourself red, blue, or yellow, and discover how to become orange, green, and purple.

In this action title, quickly find the color you need, and avoid spikes, bouncers, and enemies as you travel throughout the colorful Art Zone! Bring a big palette, because you'll need the right tint and shade as well!


Play as Pizza Swigglesworth, a chameleon that can change color, and take down enemies. But be careful; every enemy is a different color. Pizza Swigglesworth can only defeat an enemy when matching in color! If not, the enemy will just be confused by your attempt at surrounding it. Surround enemies with your traveling trails to collect stars, but swatch out for bumping into enemies! If you do, you'll lose stars.

-Draw shapes around enemies to defeat them.
-Mix colors to find the right color needed for each enemy.
-Avoid bumpers, spikes, and projectiles from enemies.
-Send enemies away with a sonic blast.

Teaching Art

Swatch Out directly teaches:

-Primary Colors
-Secondary Colors
-Tint and Shades
-Color Mixtures

as well as indirectly teaching:

-Risk and Rewar

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