OverDrive 2.6 Re-Release: Frequently Asked Questions

With the re-release of OverDrive 2.6, we at Digital Dream Labs aim to provide the community with a return to what many refer to as the best experience on OverDrive. We have updated the app to work on the latest phones and keep those engines at redline!

Will this app be free?

OverDrive 2.6.4 will be a paid app at the price point of $2.99 USD. We believe that this is a fair price which covers our development costs for updating the app and helps us to develop new OverDrive projects for you to enjoy!

Do I have to buy the app on every device?

We believe you should play together! With Family Library (Google Play) or Family Sharing (Apple Store) enabled, each family will only have to pay for the app once on each platform. That is, if you want to play on devices that connect to different App Stores (Google Play and Apple Store, for example), you will have to purchase the app once on each app store platform. Guest devices or devices that are outside of the Family Library / Family Sharing plans will also need to purchase the app. See "How do I set up Family Library for Google Play or Family Sharing for the Apple App Store?" for instructions on enabling these great sharing options!

How do I set up Family Library for Google Play or Family Sharing for the Apple App Store?

Check out the below links for instructions to set up Family Sharing on each app store:
Android - Click here to learn how to set up Family Library for Google Play
Apple iPhone / iOS - Click here to learn how to set up Family Sharing for App Store

Does OverDrive 2.6 support cars from the OverDrive: Fast & Furious Edition?

The Nuke Phantom and Fast & Furious (Ice Charger and International MXT) cars are not supported in OverDrive 2.6.4. However, all other legacy Drive cars, OverDrive cars, and SuperTrucks are fully supported. We plan to make the Ice Charger, International MXT, and Nuke Phantom compatible with this app in future releases.

Where do I send bug reports?

Please send reports of bugs or issues via our Contact Form. Thanks for being patient with us while we work out the kinks!

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