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Digital Versions - Overview

On What Platforms Can I Find Each Game?

Digital versions of Cork the Volcano, Abacus Finch, and Swatch Out can be found on the following platforms as digital-only copies:

-Steam (Windows, Mac)

-[More platforms coming soon]

What's Different in the Digital Versions?

-Digital versions do not include the Playtray, Puzzlet pieces, or the charging cord.

-Digital versions' game softwares are different, and built to function on their own as a classic game experience.

-Each game offers an in-level menu that works similarly to a Puzzlet board. Click the piece you wish to add to the board and it is automatically added.

-Digital versions are more well suited for personal, at-home playing experiences. Puzzlets are preferred for a classroom setting or for younger children.

How Can I Get Digital Copies of Each Game?

You can buy directly through Steam or through our Game Bundle web page.

-If you buy on our web page, you will receive an email for three 15-digit codes, one for each game, which allow you to redeem the games through Steam.

-Cork the Volcano Steam page

-Abacus Finch Steam page

-Swatch Out Steam page

What Can I Look Forward To Soon?

We are currently working on a chemistry game, Monstrous Molecules. More details soon to follow.

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