OverDrive 2.6: Changelog and Known Issues

Here's a brief summary of what's changed, new, and improved in our OVERDRIVE 2.6.

2020-07-7 What's new in Version 2.6.6?

  • Login Fixes:
    • New text input method prevents duplication of input
    • New text input method allows copying/pasting to text field
    • Added "See Password" option for verification of correct password input
  • App Load / Crash Fixes:
    • Sentry Error Fixed on App Loading Screen
    • Fixed intermittent launch failures
  • Known Issues:
    • UI Elements intermittently appear stacked over each other in the Garage screen
    • "Learn About..." Buttons in Garage are intermittently unclickable
    • iPhone clients claim networks are disconnected
    • Store button leads nowhere when clicked or is unclickable (This will be resolved when a new Store is in place)
    • App needs an "Exit" option in Android to make it easier for users to leave the app
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