Introduction to Puzzlets

What is Puzzlets?

Puzzlets is a hands-on learning platform and game system that includes numerous “Puzzlet” tiles that fit into a playtray, which connects wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection to an Apple IOS or Android game apps which include “Swatch Out”, “Abacus Finch”, and “Cork the Volcano.”

Using operator (directional) and variable tiles, players are required to map out a sequence of moves that enable the character to navigate through a series of screen-based scenario challenges that become increasingly more complex as players progress through the levels. Namely, players use tiles that help them move Russ through to the end of the maze!

What Educational Value does Puzzlets provide?

Studies such as through reputable sources like Carnegie Mellon University have been taken to gauge the impact of the educational value provided from our titles to students around the world, and here are three highlights:

  • Student Engagement
    • Evidence from Interviews and Classroom observations indicated that students across the three grade levels were highly engaged and enjoyed playing Puzzlets
  • Student Learning
    • The more the students played, the more tiles that they used to progress further in the game, adding to the amount of complexity they were able to digest and continue advancing through.

  • Creativity
    • There is more then one solution to each level, and currently the game offers bonuses in each level for fewest tiles, shortest time, etc. However, these bonuses are not obvious, and they are not necessary for progression in the game in order to promote experimentation and encourages players to engage in planning and deeper thinking to come up with creative solutions to the problems.

What Can I Play With Puzzlets Right Now?

With Puzzlets you can play Cork the Volcano, Abacus Finch, and Swatch Out! Find out about the package for all three games here.

Each game is also available digitally (without Puzzlets) through Steam and game copies can be redeemed through our website as well.

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