Puzzlets Troubleshooting

Puzzlets Game Not Running?

1. Make sure your Puzzlets board is NOT plugged in to your device. It connects via Bluetooth, and using a wired connection disrupts its Bluetooth connection. It can still be plugged in to charge with no issue.

2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

3. Press the reset button in the upper-left corner of the Play Tray.

4. After running the game, place a Puzzlet piece from the game onto the board. For example, if you are playing Cork the Volcano, try placing Rus the Dinosaur on one of the spaces on the Puzzlets board.

5. If this starts the game but the Play Tray does not work, try checking other nearby Play Trays to see if it synced with those instead.

6. If this does not work, try 5 or 10 minutes later.

7. If the issue persists, please Contact Us at support@digitaldreamlabs.com

Setting Up Puzzlets The First Time

When you receive your play tray or if you have not used it for a while, it will be in hibernation mode. To wake it up, you will need to plug it into a wall outlet and let it charge for at least two hours. You can do so by connecting the USB cable to a USB charging port (you can likely use the same adapter you use to plug your cell phone or tablet into the wall outlet). 

The light sequence on the tray is as follows:

  • Red = I need to be charged
  • Blinking Red = I am charging
  • Blue = I am fully charged
  • No light = I am broken

To use classic Puzzlets mode (not the Dash robot):

  • Leave the tray plugged into the wall outlet
  • Place the main character tile (for Cork The Volcano, this is Russ The Dinosaur) in the tray
  • Place your device next to tray
  • The tray and device will sync automatically within 5-15 seconds

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