How Do I Find Vector's Serial Number?

How Do I Find Vector's Serial Number?

Vector's serial number is on his bottom. For Vector 1.0, look near the top track next to the letters "S/N:" for the 8-character serial number. For Vector 2.0, look at the "ESN" printed on the bottom.

Vector 1.0 Vector 2.0

I have a Membership and have submitted my serial number, but my Vector is still giving me the subscription message or disagreeing with my commands after 24 hours. Why?

In rare cases, the serial number that is programmed into the robot does not match the serial number on the bottom of the robot. This may occur when:

  1. The electronics board in the head of the robot was replaced after manufacture (may happen in the case of a screen repair or other repair of the robot).
  2. The robot's serial number was misprinted from the factory during manufacture.

When this occurs, your membership may not be able to be activated until Digital Dream Labs has the correct serial number on file for you. To obtain the correct serial number:

  1. While Vector is booted up, place Vector on his charger.
  2. Tap his Back button twice. This button is located in between the gold pads on his back.
  3. Gently lift his arms, then lower them back down.
  4. Take a photo of the "ESN" value on the screen.
  5. If you do not already have an open support ticket, email to open a new ticket. Be sure to include the email address that you purchased your membership with, if it is different from your contact email address.
  6. To exit this screen: Make sure "Exit" is highlighted, then gently lift his arms, and lower them back down.

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