Launching Your Escape Pod, Step 3: Connecting The Escape Pod

Connect the Escape Pod

Let's get the Raspberry Pi connected to your network!

  1. Place the SD card into the Raspberry Pi with the gold contacts of the SD card facing inward toward the Pi, and the text on the SD card facing outward toward you:

  2. If using Ethernet or a LAN cable to connect your Raspberry Pi to your network (Move to Step 3 in this article for Wi-Fi):
    1. Place one end of your Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the Raspberry Pi until it clicks into place. 
    2. Place the other end of the Ethernet cable into a free Ethernet port on your internet router and gently push until it clicks into place.
  3. Plug the power cord into the Pi. Look for the red light on front side of the Pi to illuminate. Wait for approximately 2 minutes to ensure a full boot before moving on.

When the Pi is fully booted, move to Step 4: Onboarding Your Vector Robot.

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