Vector Developer Tools

Vector Developer Tools

The Vector Robot is a versatile, fun companion for various projects, and we encourage you to use additional resources and code that we have created to extend Vector's functionality to bring in data from other devices, services, and more. The documentation on these items is a work in progress and we will continue to explore new examples and use cases so you can get an idea of how to use these tools and what applications they can help with.

Note: If you feel there is improvement to be made in documentation or in code with the following tools, these are open source and we are actively accepting pull requests for new contributions. Thank you!

Vector-Bluetooth is a command line tool for Mac and Linux that allows Bluetooth-enabled computers to connect to Vector and perform various tasks such as load firmware, download logs, change robot variables & configuration, and more.

Escape-Pod-Extension is an extension engine for the Escape Pod that passes variable values back and forth between the Escape Pod and remote APIs or servers so that you can use the Escape Pod to pull in new information or 

Vector-Go-SDK is a software development kit written in Go. It is currently in an early alpha state and is not feature-complete, but works to integrate with the Escape Pod and the Extension Engine

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