Claiming Your $15 CanaKit Rebate

Digital Dream Labs has partnered with CanaKit to provide Escape Pod customers a $15 rebate* on the purchase of select Raspberry Pi starter kits. While Escape Pod will work with other configurations, the following have been tested by our developers to provide the best experience with your Vector:

To request your $15 rebate, simply email to CanaKit at and provide:

  • Proof of your Kickstarter pledge and / or Escape Pod purchase (examples provided below), and:
  • Your CanaKit order number (provided by Canakit) for your Raspberry Pi kit.

Upon receipt of these, Canakit will issue a $15 refund to the credit card used for the purchase.

* This rebate is valid for select Raspberry Pi starter kits purchased through CanaKit's website. It is offered at the discretion of Canakit and may be revoked / changed without notice.

Examples of Proof of Purchase

Escape Pod Order Confirmation 1

Escape Pod Order Confirmation 2

Kickstarter Pledge Confirmation

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