Performing a Firmware Recovery Reset

Use Firmware Recovery Mode to force Vector to boot up on factory firmware. Recovery Mode will not delete any user data and may help with certain issues such as:

  • Vector failing to boot up
  • Vector unable to charge (this is indicated by teal Back Lights)
  • Blank screen while booted.
  • Error code between 200-219

To Boot Vector into Firmware Recovery Mode:

  1. Vector must on his charger and plugged into a power source (be sure to push him right to the back of the charger - you will see the LEDs flashing)
  2. Press and hold Vector’s Back Button for around 15 seconds in total until the rectangle furthest away from the circle LED lights up blueish white
  3. He will reboot and show "" on his screen
  4. Open the Vector app and reconnect to Vector
  5. Select the correct 4-character Vector identifier to pair the robot
  6. The app then allows Vector to scan for available home WiFi networks
  7. Once Vector has connected to the preferred WiFi network, he connects to the internet to access Digital Dream Labs's servers
  8. Once connected successfully, Vector will download the latest firmware version from Digital Dream Labs's server
  9. Vector will then reboot and connect to your device via WiFi to complete the setup
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