"Can't Reach Digital Dream Labs" Error

In some cases during setup of Vector, you may encounter an error in the app that says "Can't Reach Digital Dream Labs - "The Vector app was unable to reach Digital Dream Labs services." This is usually a quick and easy fix. Let's take a look at how to resolve this!


This error may result from one of two specific issues:

  1. Your account was not verified via email after creation.
  2. There is a routing issue between your Vector and the Digital Dream Labs server.


  1. Reboot your router:
    1. Your router is usually provided by your Internet Service Provider when you obtain service. Reboot it by unplugging the router's power cord for 10 seconds, then reinserting the power cord into the device.
      1. In some cases, you may have both a router and a modem. Please reboot both of these to continue, if yours are separate.
      2. Wait 2 minutes to allow your devices time to boot fully. Make sure your phone has reconnected to the Wi-Fi before moving to the next step.
      3. Click the "Try Again" button.
  2. Recover your account (this process verifies your email address if it was not verified before):
    1. Click the "Cancel" button.
    2. Click the "Log Out" button. Confirm the logout by clicking "Logout" again.
    3. Click "Log In" to go back to the login screen.
    4. Click "Recover Account" and insert the email address that you set up your Vector with, then click "Recover."
    5. Check your email and find the email with the subject "Digital Dream Labs Account Password Reset Requested."
    6. Click the "Reset Password for Anki Account:" link with your email address.
    7. Enter a new password for your account twice, then click Submit.
    8. Return to the Vector Robot app and log in to your account with your new password.
    9. Try the setup steps again.
  3. If you continue to experience this issue, please email support@digitaldreamlabs.com with an issue description and what you've done so far to troubleshoot.
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