Migrating to Cozmo App Version 3.4.1 and Above

When migrating to the new Cozmo app offered by Digital Dream Labs, Cozmo will keep all of your:

  • Saved Faces
  • Sparks
  • Unlocked Games

However, Code Lab projects are stored on the mobile device and may need to be transferred to the new app. Cozmo Code Lab projects may be transferred from the old Cozmo app (version 3.4.0 and below) to the new app (version 3.4.1 and above) by following the steps below.


If you own an Android device, please follow the steps below to transfer your Code Lab projects:

  1. Install the new app from the Play Store before uninstalling the old app:
    1. Open the Play Store app
    2. Search for "Cozmo" and click on the app offered by Digital Dream Labs, or you may also use this direct link.
    3. Click "Install" and allow the app to download and install onto your device.
    4. Launch the app and allow storage access, then you may exit the app and move to Step 2.
  2. Copy files from the old app folder to the new app folder:
    1. Open your devices File Manager or File Explorer app. If you cannot find one or do not have one, you may download and install the "Files By Google" app to do this.
    2. Navigate to the "Internal Storage" folder, then click into "Android" and then "data".
    3. Find the "com.anki.cozmo" folder and click into it.
    4. Copy all of the contents of this folder into "Internal Storage > Android > data > com.digitaldreamlabs.cozmo2"
    5. Please Note: Some users may also need to copy the contents of "SD card > Android > data > com.anki.cozmo" to "SD Card > Android > data > com.digitaldreamlabs.cozmo2" as well
  3. Open the new app and look for the version (3.4.3 at the time of writing, but it should be above 3.4.1) during the loading screen. Verify that the Code Lab projects have been transferred. You may now uninstall the old app.
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