What Do Vector's Back Lights Mean?

Vector has a series of lights on his back. These Back Lights change color to show Vector's current state. Learn below what Back Lights Vector displays and what they mean.

 Back Light

 What it means


Vector_Back_-_Green_Round_light_0.5x.png Vector is On The small circular light at the top of his Back Button will glow a steady green.
Vector_Back_-_Green_Lights_0.5x.png Charging: When Vector is charging, his Back Lights turn Green to let you know his battery is filling up. When he’s done, his square lights will stop glowing. Vector charging also means he has booted successfully.      These square lights glow green and climb up his Back Button.
Vector_Back_-_Blue_Lights_0.5x.png Streaming: When Vector hears "Hey Vector", his Back Lights turn Blue to let you know he is ready for a Voice Command. If these 3 square lights on Vector’s back are not blue, Vector is not streaming. All three square lights glow blue.
Vector_Back_-_Orange_Lights_0.5x.png Connection: When Vector is disconnected from WiFi, his Back Lights turn orange to let you know he is offline. Connect with the Vector app to figure out what’s happening. The square lights will pulse orange continuously.
Vector_Back_-_Red_Light_0.5x.png Low battery: When Vector is low on battery, his last Back Light blinks Red to let you know he needs to charge. Place Vector on his Charger (he will also try to find his Charger by himself). The rectangular red light on the bottom of his back will pulse.
Vector_Back_-_Mute_Lights_0.5x.png Microphone On/Off: When Vector's microphone is muted (you can mute him by double clicking the Back Button when he is off his Charger), his Back Lights will turn red. The square lights will be solid red.

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