Activate Your Digital Dream Labs Account

When you sign up for an account with Digital Dream Labs using one of our apps, you are prompted to activate your account by verifying your account via email. This activation process is a requirement and helps to protect your privacy and security!

Completing Account Activation: Vector Robot App

  • When you sign up for a new account, you will be sent an email with the subject "Activate Your Digital Dream Labs Account!"
  • You should receive this email within 2-3 minutes (it is usually immediate).
  • You must open this email in your email client or web browser and click the "Activate Account" button.
  • If you do not activate your account, you may not have access to all Vector robot features.
  • All accounts not activated within 15 days of creation will be deleted.

If You Do Not Receive An Account Activation Email:

  1. Verify that your email address was typed correctly (you will see your email address on the error screen in the Vector Robot app).
    1. If your email is correctly displayed on the screen:
      1. Check any mailbox folders that you may have missed: Spam, Junk, Promotions, etc.
      2. If you cannot locate the email, please wait for 2 minutes, then click "Resend Email."
      3. If you still do not receive the Activation Email, please Contact Us at
    2. If your email is not correct on the screen:
      1. Click "Log Out."
      2. Navigate back to the Log In screen.
      3. Make a new account with the corrected email address. There is no need to take any action with the account that contains the incorrect email address; it will be deleted after 15 days of being inactive.
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