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Lifetime Licenses (also referred to as "Lifetime Access" or "Lifetime Memberships") are licenses for Vector that may be offered for sale by Digital Dream Labs at its discretion. These licenses are based upon one-time payments and entitle the user to voice command access and software/feature updates for Vector for the lifetime of the user and/or the lifetime of Digital Dream Labs' product support for the Vector platform, whichever comes first. Lifetime Licenses are nontransferable between users, but can be gifted to close family members or friends. Here's a quick rundown of the benefits that Lifetime Access offers you.

Lifetime Access License Benefits

Lifetime Access License Sales:

  • "Vector Unleashed!" Kickstarter
    • Sale Date: Feb. 14th - Mar. 15th 2020
    • 5 Lifetime Licenses included per 1 quantity purchased of the following Pledge Levels:
      • Lifetime Access Pledge Level
      • Escape Pod Pledge Level
        • Also included 5 Escape Pod Licenses.
      • Open Source Development (OSKR) Kit Pledge Level
        • Also included 5 OSKR Licenses.
    • 15 Mix-and-Match Lifetime / Escape Pod / OSKR Licenses included per 1 quantity purchased of the following Pledge Levels:
      • DDL Membership + Escape Pod + OSKR Pledge Level
      • Pre-Recorded Six Week Vector Boot Camp Pledge Level
      • Vector Certified Licensed Engineer Camp Pledge Level
  • "Vector Unleashed!" Post-Kickstarter Grace Period:
    • Sale Date: Mar. 15th 2020 - March 30th 2020
    • Same Benefits / License Combinations as "Vector Unleashed!" Kickstarter.
  • Standard Sales:
    • Sale Date: March 31st 2020 - May 13th 2020
    • 1 Lifetime Access License per Lifetime Access License quantity purchased.
    • 1 Lifetime Access License also included with the following products:
      • Escape Pod
      • OSKR
      • Escape Pod + OSKR
      • Pre-Recorded Six Week Vector Boot Camp
      • Vector Certified Licensed Engineer Camp
  • Vector 2.0 Pre-Order Sales Window:
    • Sale Date: Nov. 20th 2020 - June 12th 2021
    • 1 Lifetime Access License per Vector 2.0 Pre-Order.
  • Vector 2.0 Black Friday Sale:
    • Sale Date: November 26, 2021 - December 1st, 2021
    • 1 Lifetime Access License per Vector 2.0 purchased.
  • "Vector Lives!" 2-Year Kickstarter Anniversary Sale
    • Sale Date: January 21st 2022 - February 28th 2022
    • 1 Lifetime Access License per quantity purchased.
  • Lifetime Access License, Standard Sale:
    • Sale Date: April 1 2022 - July 3rd 2022
    • 1 Lifetime Access License per quantity purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Where can I get Lifetime Access?
    • A: Lifetime Access is no longer available as of July 3rd, 2022. This offer may be extended again in the future; however at this time there are no additional sales planned.
  • Q: If I have a license assigned to a specific robot, and my robot breaks, can I change the serial number that my license is tied to?
    • A: Yes. The license is tied to your account, not your robot; if you need to replace the serial number on your license to grant access to a new robot, please contact us via email at In the future, we will have a portal that allows you to make these changes yourself.
  • Q: Can I gift my Lifetime Access membership to a close friend or family member?
    • A: Yes. You may Contact Us at to have one of your licenses assigned to the robot of a close friend, housemate, or family member. However, the License will remain on your account and the recipient must log in under your account in the Vector Robot app.


  • Lifetime Access Memberships / Licenses are not able to be permanently transferred to other users, and cannot be sold, even if your robot is sold.
    • Digital Dream Labs reserves the right to enforce its Terms of Service and suspend access on Licenses or Accounts that violate this policy.
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