What rewards can I purchase?

If I missed the Kickstarter, what are the rewards that are available?

There are quite a few, at levels for every user! Here is a list of available rewards:

1. (SALE DISCONTINUED - PROMOTIONAL OFFER) Lifetime Server Access (Est. Delivery Oct. 2020): Your Vector robot(s) will be eligible to receive updates and features developed by Digital Dream Labs, and you will have unlimited access to the voice server for the life of the robot. This reward is for the standard user who enjoys Vector as a household companion but does not have interest in programming him. This non-transferable license is good for one Vector**, and lasts for his lifetime.

2. Escape Pod (Est. Delivery Sep. 2020): The Escape Pod will allow Vector to function without any external servers, and is an insurance policy if Digital Dream Labs is no longer able to maintain Vector. This level is good for those who are concerned that server access would discontinue in the future, or for those hobbyists who want to use their own infrastructure, server, etc. The user will be able to bypass the current app and use other apps or firmware that the community may generate**.

NOTE: The Escape Pod will come in 2 forms, one that is app-based and makes Vector much more reliant on the app and smart device (similar to Cozmo). The other approach will be file distribution for a dedicated Linux server on a small-board computer, such as a Raspberry Pi. It will not be possible to go back to a 'normal' Vector or reconnect to DDL servers if you choose this option and activate the Escape Pod.

3. OSKR (Open Source Kit for Robots, Est. Delivery Aug. 2020):
The OSKR is for the hardcore hobbyist or user who would like to create their own apps or features and sell it to customers or license it to us to sell to all of our users. Think of this being an "app store" for a robot. Community developers can then build what they want. This is a far deeper experience than a simple SDK. This will allow Vector more AI-like behavior and should accelerate machine learning.**

4. Escape Pod + OSKR (Est. Delivery Aug. 2020):
Combo Package: Get the Escape Pod, the Open Source Kit for Robots**!

5. Pre-Recorded Six Week Vector Boot Camp (Est. Delivery Jul. 2020):
Six one-hour sessions of deep dives into Vector's innermost workings. Learn about Vector's cloud infrastructure, behavior, and more!

6. Vector Certified Licensed Engineer Camp (Est. Delivery Sep. 2020):
Have you ever wondered what happens behind Vector's smile? Curious about the possibilities with Vector's Open Source Kit? Join our Boot Camp to become a Certified Licensed Vector Engineer:
1) Deep dive into Vector's root systems.
2) Understanding Vector's backend and cloud architecture.
3) Six week virtual Boot Camp, taught one hour a week.
4) Two day immersive session at Digital Dream Labs in Pittsburgh with hotel included.
5) VIP dinner with CEO Jacob Hanchar.
6) 2 free T-Shirts.
7) First access and Free OSKR and Escape Pod**.

**As promotional offers, purchases through March 29th included lifetime access for up to 5 robots for levels 1 and 2, and lifetime access for up to 15 robots for purchase tiers 3 through 6. Purchases made after March 29, 2020 and prior to May 13th included 1 Vector license per package. All purchases prior to May 13th also included 20% discount to future purchases, including merchandise purchases. Purchases after May 13th must have a separate Subscription Membership purchased for updates and voice server access.

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