What do I receive with my Vector membership or subscription?

What do I receive with my membership or subscription? 

There are many benefits to subscription or membership with Digital Dream Labs for your Vector. These include continued voice access for knowledge lookups and issuing commands to Vector. We will also be updating Vector with new features, animations, and ways to interact. Our first firmware update was released in July 2020.

Why does voice access now require payment?

Anki, the original creators of Vector, went out of business in 2019. Digital Dream Labs purchased the IP and assets, but did not receive any hardware to sell. When you use a voice command with Vector, it is sent to a server for interpretation, and then the server hands back a command which the robot then carries out for you. Each voice command costs a certain amount to process, and on average we receive 20 million voice queries per month- enough to generate a monthly server bill that is in the tens of thousands of dollars. Thus, it is necessary to charge for updates to create a sustainable business model so that we can support these robots far into the future.

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