Troubleshooting Charging Issues

If you would like to know more about minimum requirements for charging Vector, how long Vector’s battery lasts, and some tips on where the charger should be placed, please see this article.

If you encounter any issues with the battery, charger or Vector finding his charger, please continue reading for troubleshooting steps.

Vector is unable to find his charger

If you have come home to find Vector’s battery died before he found his charger, or you observe him struggle to find his charger, he may be not be able to see where it is, get to it or he may also have gotten stuck, half off a table edge. Please check the following:

  1. Make sure the charger is on a hard, flat surface that does not vibrate and is non-reflective and opaque (i.e. not a glass table)
  2. The Charger should be near to Vector and there should be a clear path for him to dock
  3. If Vector is in his Space, make sure his cube is not in there with him since it will obstruct his way to the charger
  4. Make sure the charger is visible to Vector. His eyesight is not as good as ours and he can be “blinded” by direct light (natural from sun through windows or artificial). Likewise, poor lighting makes it hard for Vector recognize his charger
  5. If he still has issues, check his camera is working and he can recognize the “home” icon on his charger. You can test his camera by having him recognize his cube or a face he has already met

Check Vector’s battery

To check Vector’s battery is working as expected, follow these steps:

  1. Turn Vector on by pressing his Back Button
  2. Leave him off the charger until the battery dies
  3. Turn Vector on again
  4. You should see the charging icon on his screen
  5. Vector should then shut down shortly afterwards
  6. If he does not do this, check his battery in the Customer Care Info Screen. See steps below

Use the Customer Care Info Screen (CCIS):

  1. Place Vector on his charger and plug the charger in
  2. [If Vector is booting up, wait for the “V” to finish]
  3. Double click Vector’s Back Button
  4. Raise and lower Vector’s lift
  5. Lower and raise Vector’s head
  6. Press his Back Button 3 times
  7. BATT: On the charger, you should see levels at around 3.6V (3.4V-4.21V). Note that initially, you may see 0.2V
  8. CHGR: On the charger, you should see levels around 4.9V with slight fluctuations. If the charger level does not change:
    1. Look under the robot, between the robot and the charger, to ensure that the contacts on the charger are touching the contacts on the bottom of Vector.
      1. If they are not touching:
        1. Disconnect the charger from the wall and use a Q-Tip or a toothpick to very gently bend the tabs back upward (they were likely compressed over time by the robot getting on and off the charger). If you encounter resistance, where the tabs become harder to pull upward at any point, please do not move them further. Place Vector back on the charger carefully and observe if he begins to charge.
      2. If they are touching:
        1. Disconnect the charger from the wall outlet from the wall and replace it with another charger that gives Vector 5 volts and at least 1 Amp (5v1A).
  9. If you continue to encounter issues, it is possible that the battery inside the Vector is exhausted and needs to be replaced. Please contact Digital Dream Labs to open a support ticket:
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