How to Charge Vector

If you are looking for information about Vector’s Cube battery, please see this FAQ.

What do I need to Charge Vector?

  • A USB Power Source (adapter, USB port, power bank) with a minimum DC output of 5V/1A
  • Vector’s charger (included in the box)

                  usb-charger.png                  charger-doc.png

Where should I place his charger?

  1. Make sure the charger is on a hard, flat surface that does not vibrate and is non-reflective and opaque (i.e. not a glass table)
  2. The Charger should be near to Vector and there should be a clear path for him to dock
  3. If Vector is in his Space, make sure his cube is not in there with him since, due to restricted space, it will obstruct his way to the charger
  4. Make sure the charger is visible to Vector. His eyesight is not as good as ours and he can be “blinded” by direct light (natural from the sun through windows or artificial) or reflections. Likewise, poor lighting makes it hard for Vector recognize his charger
  5. Just like people need shade or sun cream to protect them from the sun, Vector also needs sun protection. Do not place his charger in direct sunlight so Vector does not get too hot

How do I know Vector is charging?

  • Vector’s 3 Back Lights will glow green and climb up his Back Button unless you turn him off manually by pressing and holding his Back Button 5 seconds
  • When Vector is fully charged, these lights will stop glowing and only the round green light will remain
  • Vector will be fully charged after approximately 30 minutes
  • If you see the below icon on his screen when Vector is on his charger, his battery is too low to operate. In this case, you will need to leave him slightly longer on his charger


How long does Vector’s battery last?

Vector has 3 Power Modes.

  1. If he is active, he will operate approx. 25 minutes before going back to his charger
  2. If he is calm / sleeping, he will operate significantly longer before going back to his charger
    1. In a calm state, Vector will have slowed reactions and only make quiet sounds and slow motions since sensors, WiFi, Cube and CPU are running at reduced power
  3. Vector is designed to be on all the time but if you prefer turning him off, press and hold his Back Button for 5 seconds

Please note that Vector’s battery is not user-serviceable but Digital Dream Labs is working on RMA options for Vector and other products.

How do I know when Vector needs charging?


  • When Vector has a low battery, his bottom Back Light will pulse red
  • Vector is fully autonomous and will return to his charger when his battery is low
  • When the battery is low, WiFi and Voice Commands are disabled so he can focus on finding his charger
  • You can also give him a Voice Command to go charge, “Hey Vector [wait] Go home!”
  • If you see this icon on his screen when Vector is off his charger, his battery is too low to operate. In this case, you will need to place him on his charger
  • If Vector is unable to find his charger, he will show a critical battery warning. See above tips on where to place his charger.

If you encounter any issues with Vector’s battery or him self-charging, please see this FAQ.

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