Why does Vector show an error?

Learn below why you are seeing an error code displayed on Vector's screen. 

You may see any of the following. This list is not inclusive:

  • 898
  • 899
  • 981
  • 915
  • 917
  • 980

  • These error codes are nothing to worry about. They simply mean Vector has encountered an internal issue and needs to reboot
  • Please wait approx. 30 seconds for Vector to restart himself
  • You may see this error code more than once
  • If Vector does not automatically reboot, please see this FAQ for how to boot Vector in Recovery Mode manually
  • If you still have issues, please contact Customer Care with the following:
    • Vector's Serial Number (S/N). Find this on Vector's underneath
    • How frequently Vector gets an error 

We are actively working on software fixes for this issue. Please accept our apologies for the confusion. 

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