Why does Vector show an error?

Vector may occasionally experience internal errors that he displays on his screen. These error codes are uncommon and usually nothing to worry about. They simply mean Vector has encountered an internal issue and needs to reboot.

Note: If Vector experiences these errors multiple times per day or always shows an error after rebooting, then please contact us at: support@digitaldreamlabs.com.

You may see any of the following. This list is not inclusive:

  • 898
  • 899
  • 981
  • 915
  • 917
  • 980

For a full list of error codes, please see the following article: Vector Status Codes

Vector will attempt to restart by himself. Please wait approx. 30 seconds for him to initiate the restart. If he does not restart by himself, then please follow these steps:

  1. Press Vector's back button for 5 seconds to turn Vector off.
    1. If his screen and back lights turn off, wait ten seconds, then tap his back button again to boot him back up. If this does not work, move to Step 2.
  2. Take Vector off of the charger and set him next to it. Allow Vector's battery to run down.
    1. Note: This may take up to two hours, but will not damage Vector's battery. Vector shuts down before he reaches a completely dead battery to help protect against damage.
  3. Place Vector back on the charger and give him about 45 seconds to boot back up to his normal self!
  4. If you see this error again shortly after Vector boots, please follow the steps in the article Performing a Firmware Recovery Reset
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