[VIDEO] Vector and Connection: How to set Vector up

Learn in this FAQ how to set Vector up, how Vector connects to the internet, and where to find troubleshooting steps if you encounter any connection issues.

Quick overview of setup

  1. Please ensure that you have purchased a subscription. If you are a Kickstarter or early investor, you may use an existing license by emailing us at support@digitaldreamlabs.com.
  2. The Vector app finds and connects to Vector via a signal that he emits (Vector will not be listed in your smart device's WiFi or Bluetooth settings)
  3. The app then allows Vector to scan for available home WiFi networks
  4. Once Vector has connected to the preferred WiFi network, he connects to the internet to access Digital Dream Labs's servers
  5. Once connected successfully, Vector will download the latest firmware version from Digital Dream Labs's server
  6. Vector will then reboot and connect to your device via WiFi to complete the setup

Getting Started

Requirements for setting up Vector

  • A compatible device to run the Vector app – required for setup
  • A Vector Account – valid email address and account activation required
  • 802.11n 2.4 GHz WiFi network connected to the Internet via a WiFi Access Point (NAT router)
  • USB Power Source (adapter, USB port, power bank, etc.) with min. 5V=1A output

Setting up Vector  

charger-doc.png coffee-table.png wi-fi.pngusb-charger.png vector-icon.png devices.png

  1. For a pdf version of the Vector Quick Start Guide (QSG), see here
  2. Unbox Vector, his charger and his Cube on a clean, well-lit surface or place Vector in his Space
  3. Download the Vector app, open it and follow the in-app prompts. The app is designed to guide you through the steps but we have listed a summary of the steps below:
    1. The password requires min. 8 characters, at least 1 lowercase letter, at least 1 upper case letter, at least 1 number
    2. Note: the password does not allow special characters
    1. Vector only supports English language: select American, British or Australian English
    2. Connect the USB cable on Vector’s charger to a compatible power source and place Vector on his charger
    3. Enter your Date of Birth in Month-Date-Year format. Note: you must be 18+ to have a Vector account
    4. Enter your email address to create a new Vector Account or if you have an OVERDRIVE account, or created an account on Anki.com, log in with your existing Username (not your email address)
    5. Create a password
    6. Depending on your region, select if you want to allow Digital Dream Labs anonymized usage data collection to improve services
    7. Select if you would like to be signed up to the newsletter
    8. Check your inbox for the activation email and click “Activate Account” (check your Spam folder if you can’t see it or resend the email from the Vector app. Note if you resend the activation email, you need to click the link from the newest email to avoid getting sent to a 404)
    9. Make sure your device’s Bluetooth and WiFi are enabled
    10. The app will now search for Vector to connect to him wirelessly
  4. When the App finds Vector, tap on “connect”
    1. press Vector’s Back Button twice (press hard on top of the LED strip - you will hear it click, see video below) and enter the 6-digit pin displayed on his screen into the app
  5. Once the Vector app has connected wirelessly to the robot, he will allow you to select and connect to your home WiFi access point
    1. If you want to connect Vector to a hidden WiFi network, tap, “Don’t see your WiFi network?” and use the “Enter the SSID for your WiFi Network” dialog
  6. Once WiFi connection has been established, Vector will ask permission to download the latest version of his Operating System (OS)
  7. If the update is successful, the robot will reboot and the app will reconnect - Vector will display a Flashing “V in a Phone icon”
  8. Now set the robot’s Preferences for its “Location” (manually type it into the field), time zone, temperature and distance units (metric, imperial, or a mix), and finally clock display - these are important for Vector to operate correctly
  9. Tap “Start” to complete setup and you will be guided to the in-app tutorial - we suggest you explore the app to get familiar with your new companion!


If you have any issues when setting up Vector, please see this FAQ.

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