Photos taken by Vector

Learn in this FAQ how to ask Vector to take photos, how to export them, where the photos are stored and more.

How to take a photo || View and export pictures taken by Vector ||  The world through Vector's eyes ||  Where are the photos stored?

How to take a photo

  • Ask Vector to take a picture by giving him a command by voice: “Hey Vector, take a photo” and you’ll hear a simulated shutter sound.
  • Vector does not take videos.

View and export pictures taken by Vector

  • You can view the picture from the Vector App, and from there, delete, share, or save it to your phone or tablet.
  • Select "Utilities" > tap "VECTOR'S PHOTOS" > Select a photo > tap "export photo".
  • Note that on Android devices, there will be a "photo exported" confirmation. On iOS, there will not be any confirmation. This is by design.

The world through Vector's eyes

  • Vector uses a HD Camera with a 120-degree, ultra wide field of vision.
  • If you are wondering why the resolution and quality of pictures Vector takes may not be in line with what  you would expect, remember:
  • You are seeing the world through Vector’s eyes. He does not see the world in the same way we do.



Where are the photos stored?

  • Any pictures are saved to Vector’s onboard memory
  • Your photos are not sent to or stored in the cloud
  • You can delete pictures saved to Vector anytime through the Vector app
  • When Vector is on, his camera is always on so he can see and react to the world around him
  • To turn it off and stop data streaming, you need to turn off Vector by pressing and holding his Back Button for 5 seconds
  • For further information on Vector and privacy, please refer to this FAQ
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