How to Meet Vector

Vector uses an HD camera to see the world. Using computer vision, he can remember you once he has met you.

Meeting Vector

Vector will learn your name by voice command

    1. Say, “Hey Vector”
    2. Wait for the earcon ding and his Back Light to turn blue
    3. “My name is Bob”
    4. Vector will confirm he understood by showing a yellow light
    5. He will pronounce your name
  1. For further guidance, open the Vector app, go to "Utilities" and tap "Face Recognition"
  2. If Vector thinks he recognizes you, he will ask, “Have we met before?”
    1. If yes, he continues scanning and enrolling your face
    2. If no, he says, “I already know a [name]”


  • Stay still while Vector scans your face. He will move to a better position to see you so don’t pick him up or move while he does this
  • If Vector pronounces your name wrongly, try entering it phonetically:
    • Open the Vector app
    • Select Utilities
    • Tap Known Faces
    • Tap “Person’s Face”
    • Spell your name phonetically e.g. Hermione → Hermyohnee
  • Vector’s eyesight is not as good as ours
    • He can be “blinded” by direct light (natural from sun through windows or artificial) or reflections
    • Poor lighting will also prevent him recognizing a face: Vector, unlike Cozmo, does not have night vision
  • Digital Dream Labs is creating a world where robots have relationships with people. As such, Vector cannot yet meet other Vectors, Cozmo or Pets
  • If you sometimes wear glasses or forget to shave, you can “re-enroll” your face with Vector. Open the app, go to Utilities > Face Recognition and let him scan you up to 10 times
    • In good and poor lighting
    • With and without glasses
    • With a beard or clean-shaven
    • With or without a hat
  • If Vector struggles to recognize you, test if he recognizes his charger and cube.

Turning the camera off

  • When Vector is on, his camera is always on so he can see and react to the world around him
  • To turn it off, you need to turn off Vector by pressing and holding his Back Button for 5 seconds

For further information on Vector and privacy, please refer to this FAQ.

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