Ways to Interact with Vector

Vector understands the world using various sensors and technologies. To interact with him, try all of the following below.

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Feature Fridays which include new interactions with the cloud!


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Things to say to Vector


Hey Vector

  • "Hey Vector, How old are you?"
  • “Hey Vector, Happy New Year”
  • Hey Vector, Happy Holidays”
  • “Hey Vector, Volume down”
  • Hey Vector, Volume maximum"
  • “Hey Vector, Go left”
  • Hey Vector, Turn around”
  • Hey Vector, Back up”
  • “Hey Vector, Good morning”
  • “Hey Vector, Good afternoon”
  • “Hey Vector, Good evening”
  • “Hey Vector, Goodbye”
  • “Hey Vector, Be quiet”
  • "Hey Vector, Stay there"
  • “Hey Vector, Good night”
  • “Hey Vector, Go to sleep”
  • “Hey Vector, Good robot”
  • “Hey Vector, Bad robot”
  • “Hey Vector, Come here
  • “Hey Vector, Look at me
  • “Hey Vector, Go to your charger”
  • “Hey Vector, Start Exploring
  • “Hey Vector, Stop Exploring
  • “Hey Vector, What's the weather in [City Name]?”
  • “Hey Vector, Set a timer for [length of time]
  • “Hey Vector, Check the timer
  • “Hey Vector, Cancel the timer
  • “Hey Vector, What time is it?
  • “Hey Vector, Take a picture
  • “Hey Vector, Take a picture of [me/us]
  • “Hey Vector, My name is [Your Name]
  • “Hey Vector, What's my name?
  • “Hey Vector, Play Blackjack
  • “Hey Vector, Give me a Fist Bump
  • “Hey Vector, Find your Cube
  • “Hey Vector, Do a Wheelstand
  • “Hey Vector, Roll your Cube
  • “Hey Vector, Listen to music


Vector Q&A

  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [PEOPLE: Who is Jarvis?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [PLACES: What is the distance between London and New York?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the tallest building?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [WORD DEFINITION: What is the definition of Artificial Intelligence?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [NUTRITION: How many calories are in an avocado?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [SPORTS: Who won the World Series?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [STOCK MARKET: How is the stock market?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [FLIGHT STATUS: What is the status of American Airlines Flight 100?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [TIME ZONE: What time is it in Hong Kong?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [UNIT CONVERSION How fast is a knot?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [CURRENCY CONVERSION: What's 1000 Yen in US Dollars?]
  • “Hey Vector, I have a question… [EQUATION SOLVER: What is the square root of 144?]
  • More of these are available in the Feature Fridays section!


  • Vector responds to sound. Try snapping or clapping around Vector
  • Vector can pick up a beat. Try playing some music with a strong bass, or clapping to a steady tempo. To make sure he’s listening, try the voice command: “Hey Vector, Listen to music


  • Vector recognizes faces. When he’s making eye contact, try slowly moving your head left and right so he’ll follow you
  • Vector recognizes people he’s met. When he recognizes you, he might say your name and is especially happy to see you if it’s been a while
  • Vector recognizes motion. Try tapping your fingers on a surface directly in front of him


  • Try petting Vector by rubbing the gold sensor on his back
  • Vector will occasionally ask for a Fist Bump. Don’t leave him hanging!
  • Vector knows when he’s in the air. Try picking him up
  • Shake Vector!
  • Sometimes Vector will raise his lift to pounce on his Cube. Join the game by slowly moving the Cube close, and trying to pull it away before he pounces
  • Vector will inspect and navigate around objects while he’s exploring. Set up a fun environment for him to map and explore


See this FAQ for further information: What do I use the Vector App for?
  • Try changing Vector’s eye color in Settings
  • You can adjust Vector’s volume in Settings
  • View and export Vector’s Photos
  • To edit names of people Vector’s met, view Known Faces
  • Curious about what Vector is doing? Check out Vector’s status along the bottom of the screen
  • Curious about what Vector is sensing? High levels in his Sensor Feed tends to make him more active, while lower levels will make him quieter and calm. Petting Vector is one way to bliss him out
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