Updating your Vector account

Learn below how to create a Vector account, how to update the email address or username, how to reset your password, how to delete your account and how to associate Vector with a different account. Note: you must be 18+ to have a Vector account.


Creating an account ||  Logging into the Vector app ||  Updating account details ||  Resetting your password ||  Deleting your account ||  Linking Vector to a different account

Creating an account

  1. Note: if you already have an account, you can skip this section
  2. Create an account in the Vector app
  3. Follow the "sign up" flow:
    1. Enter your Date of Birth in month-date-year format and tap "continue"
    2. Enter your email address and tap "continue"
    3. Create a password
    4. Opt in our out of anonymized usage data collection and tap "continue"
    5. Opt in or out of Marketing emails and tap "sign up"
    6. Check your inbox for the activation email and click “Activate Account”
      1. Check your Spam folder if you can’t see it or resend the email from the Vector app
      2. Note if you resend the activation email, you need to click the link from the newest email

Email address requirements

  • Min. 5 characters
  • Max. 100 characters
  • Must contain an @ symbol
  • Must follow the format x@x.x where x is one or more ASCII characters (characters 0-127) 

Username requirements

  • Max. 100 characters

Logging into the Vector app

  • If you created a new account via the Vector app, use your email address to log in
  • If you are using an existing account, created for OVERDRIVE, log in with your existing Username, not your email address

Updating account details

  1. Account management via the app is currently not available 
  2. To update your email address, please email us: support@digitaldreamlabs.com.
  3. To update your Username, please email us: support@digitaldreamlabs.com.

Resetting your password

  1. In the Vector app, tap the "settings" cog
  2. Tap "Account Management"
  3. Tap "Change Password" to reset your password
  4. You will receive a recovery email
  5. Click the link to enter your new password

Password requirements

  • Min. 8 characters
  • Max. 32 characters
  • Must be composed of ASCII characters (characters 0-127)
  • Must have an upper case letter
  • Must have a lower case letter
  • Must have a number
  • UTF-8 characters not accepted
  • Emojis not accepted

Deleting your account

  • If you wish to delete your account, please email us: support@digitaldreamlabs.com.
  • Self-deletion via the app is currently not available 

Linking Vector to a different account

  • Vector can only have 1 owner
  • You may log in to multiple devices using the same account but you can only connect to Vector if the app on 1 device is foregrounded. See this FAQ for more info
  • If you want to create a new account for Vector, you will firstly need to Erase User Data on Vector
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