Why do I need a device?

This article explains why a device is required to play with Cozmo and points you in the right direction for determining if a particular device is compatible with Cozmo.

compatible device (iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire) is required whenever you want to play with Cozmo.

The Cozmo app is used to play games, teach Cozmo new behaviors, and help him meet new people, not just for controlling him.

Once Cozmo is connected to his app through your device's WiFi connection, you can set aside your device and let Cozmo roam around on his own. It’s fun to just hang out with him. When you close or background the Cozmo app, Cozmo will go to sleep, and eventually disconnect from your device.

Cozmo must have his app running on your device.

Prior to purchasing a Cozmo, please make sure that you own a device that meets the specifications listed on our compatibility page. Here's where you can find more Details about Device Compatibility.

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