Why does Cozmo not recognize me?

If Cozmo is having problems learning your face and faces of your family or friends, use these suggestions to help Cozmo out.  


Please remember, Cozmo learns faces best when you're looking at him straight on, and holding still. If the room is on the darker side, you may need to brighten it up. Be sure that the face Cozmo is trying to learn is well lit, evenly covered in light, and brighter than the background behind that face.


Note that Cozmo learns your face values as they are at time of scanning. If you change your appearance (growing or shaving a beard, wearing glasses), he will need to learn those new values: Cozmo will need to re-scan your face.


But what if Cozmo recognizes you as someone he's already met?



Since Cozmo doesn't see like we do, some confusion may be unavoidable.  What looks "identical" to Cozmo is not the same for us. Cozmo sometimes can have a difficult time telling the difference between people who look similar, like brothers or sisters.


If Cozmo keeps thinking he's re-meeting someone he already knows, but it's actually a different person, please try the following steps to help Cozmo out:

  1. After Cozmo learns the first face, close the Cozmo App
  • How to close an app is documented here
  • Make sure that Cozmo can't see the first person he's already met
  • Relaunch the Cozmo App
  • Click on Meet Cozmo
  • Introduce Cozmo to the second person

    Cozmo should now be able to learn the second person. 


    Please remember, for these steps to help Cozmo, it's really important that Cozmo does not see the first person until after he's met and learned the second one.

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