Cozmo SDK Information

In line with DDL's passion to offer easy access to our technology and advance the state of robotics we have released a free Software Developer Kit ("SDK") for owners who want to tap into the power of their Cozmo!  

With our SDK, you can program Cozmo to do something with a single line of code that once would have required a PhD-level expert in robotics and AI to achieve.

This means, with the SDK, you’ll be able to use Cozmo’s facial recognition to identify faces and take actions, or his computer vision and path planning to navigate around obstacles in his environment, or tap into his animation system to choreograph complex movements upon command. And that’s just the beginning.

If this sounds interesting - and if you own a Cozmo - you can visit the Cozmo SDK page here for more information and also for a full list of requirements. Please note that the Cozmo SDK is only available in English.

For a more approachable programming experience that is also localized, please take a look at Cozmo's Code Lab.

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